Monday, October 28, 2013

Passing the Green Torch

Dear Green Baby Customers,

Not only are the leaves changing outside, things are changing at Green Baby as well.  As you all know, our families are growing and time is flying by.  Around the first of November we will be slowly moving out of the store and a new wonderful woman and her family will be coming in to take care of our beloved customers.

Green Baby has been our home away from home for almost 5 years now.  We’ve saved hundreds of thousands of diapers from the landfills, met thousands of special customers who have turned into friends, watched many a baby potty train and we just now had a customer use the diaper service for her third baby. (Go Jennifer!)  We are so grateful that you have allowed us to share this special time in your lives with your precious babies and their little bottoms. 

When we decided that we would like to sell the business, finding the right individual was crucial.  Miss Polly compared it to giving her “baby” up for adoption. We feel confident that we have found the PERFECT person and family to fill our shoes.  Angie Harris, her husband Dan, mother Jane and two little ones, Elaina and Tyler are going to be taking the reigns.  Angie has been a teacher and she and her mom are long time friends of ours as well.  She has a real passion for cloth diapers and has fallen in love with the store and our customers.  We have confidence that Angie will continue on with the good parts of our business and she will also have some exciting improvements to make. We are sure you are all going to love her as much as we do!

As we say our farewells, please know that you have all touched our lives in so many ways.  This is a bittersweet exit, as each of our mommies, daddies, babies and grandparents that we have served over the years have become an extended part of our family.  Your loyalty and support of us and cloth diapers is valued more than you will ever know and we will miss you!

Yours truly,

Polly Buskirk
Liz Soffera
Thomas and Matthew