Q: What do I need to do to get started?
A: You will need to sign up for service to get your cloth diapers (unbleached prefolds), 4-6 diaper covers and a Snappi Fastener (today's diaper pin) depending on what fold works best for you. You will also need to get the Start up Package that includes the diaper pail with a lid that holds a deodorizing disk. The package also includes the rental & cleaning of the cloth pail liner and your first deodorizing disk that will last you three months.
We will set you up two weeks prior than your due date to ensure your diapers are ready when baby comes. Call us when the baby comes and we'll start visiting you on your delivery day. If you are a walk-in customer, still give us a call so we will be sure to have your order ready for pickup.
Q: What are prefold diapers?
A: Prefolds are the most basic form of a cloth diaper and you might recognize them as the typical "burp cloth." At Green Baby we offer unbleached cotton and we can order Organic Diapers for those that want to take that route (for an additional charge). The diapers are rectangular in shape and are sewn into three sections. The outside sections are usually 4 layers and the inside section is 6-8 layers depending on what size diaper it is. The inner section is thicker to be able to better absorb moisture. While some may think prefolds are "old-fashioned," they are the best diaper for diaper services because they are the easiest to sanitize and use the least amount of water and energy in doing so. They also last much longer than All-in-one diapers and pocket diapers because they are more durable.
Q: How do I know what size diapers to get for my child?
A: The size diaper you need is determined by the weight of your baby.
Preemie   4-10 lbs
Infant   7-15 lbs
Regular  15-30 lbs
Toddler 30-45 lbs
Q:  What is the diaper rotation and why am I not charged for just the diapers getting cleaned?
A: The diaper rotation can seem very confusing...even for us, but there is a reason for it. The key to understanding it is that we will always need to have clean diapers to give you while we are taking your dirties to the store to clean. That means for each new customer we actually need twice the weekly order amount. The easiest way to explain the rotation besides the paragraph on the How it Works page, is that the number you have at home and the number you turned in last week will always equal twice the number in your weekly rotation. (ex. Jane turned in 56 diapers last week and there are currently 64 diapers at her house. The total amount in her rotation is 120 with a weekly order of 60).  The bottom line is that you will always have at least the number you requested per week at your house.
Q: What do I do with the diapers when they are dirty?
A: Do not wash them, or rinse them. Simply dump any solids (once your baby is eating solids) into the toilet and put whatever remains into the pail. We carry flushable liners that help with the dumping process. Home laundering often leads to staining. You will need to wash your diaper covers yourself which is very simple and we carry cleaning instructions on each one at the store or just call us for more information.
Q: Are there any diaper creams that I can't use with cloth?
A: YES! Please do not use Desitin Regular Diaper Cream or any imposters that contain zinc oxide. It stains the diapers.  You can also use a flushable liner to prevent against them staining.
Q: Can I use the diapers for burp cloths and picking up messes around the house?
A: Please refrain from using the diapers for any other reason than cloth diapering. If we find that the diapers are being used for other reasons, there will be an additional charge per diaper. Our washing formula is specifically programmed for the removal of human waste and will not work properly if other solutions or waste is added in.
Q: I heard cloth diapers are just as bad for the environment as disposables. Is that true?
A: This came out in a study conducted by Proctor and Gamble (largest manufacturer of disposables). Their study was inaccurate because it didn't contain the environmental impact of disposable diapers through the entire process. It was independently conducted and claimed that it was the water usage in laundering the diapers that made it bad for the environment. The study also found that commercial diaper laundering services are the most environmentally friendly way to diaper a child, yet failed to publish it. Please see the Why Cloth- Conservation for more facts on what it takes to make a disposable diaper.
Q: What if I have more than one child in diapers?
A: Good News! You get a discount of 10% off the second child's service. Check our pricing page for more discounts.
Q: What areas do you serve?
A: We serve Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas. Please call to see if you are within the delivery area. If you are outside of the area, we might be able to accomodate you with an additional surcharge.
Q: What if my childcare provider won't let me use cloth?
A: We do understand that some daycares will simply say no! We can work something out with you where you use cloth diapers when your child is in your care. Any little bit you can do to reduce the amount of dispoables going in the landfill helps! Also, we will be glad to contact your daycare and show them how easy cloth diapering is.
Q: What if I go on vacation?
A: Call us in advance so we can suspend your service. If you are not using cloth diapers on your vacation, we will just suspend the order for however long you are gone. If you are going to use cloth, then we will arrange to give you enough for the length of your vacation and get back into your regular rotation when you get home.
Q: What about holidays and inclement weather?
A: For holidays we will adjust our delivery day and give you prior notice. If there is inclement weather, then we will be in contact with you. Don't worry, we will always make sure you have enough diapers!
Q: What do I do with the soiled diaper if I'm out in public?
A: Green Baby has odor consealing travel bags that fit perfectly into the diaper bag for day trips. We also carry bags for overnight trips and large bags for if you go on vacation.
Q: My baby's diaper keeps leaking. What should I do?
A: All diapers leak sometimes. If it's happening regulary, try moving your child up in diaper size and/or cover size. Contact us when you are ready to try a larger size. Another option may be trying the Snappi Fastener that comes in your start up package. While not required in all folds, it does help secure the diaper more snuggly to your child (this is especially helpful for very active kiddos). Also, check to make sure the cloth diaper is always tucked into the cover. We also can rent doublers or sell you a fleece cover that help with overnight or nap-time leaks. We will alway be happy to assist you in pinpointing the problem.