About Green Baby

Green Baby Diaper Service, LLC is a locally owned and operated family business. As a mother and daughter team we look forward to educating Wilmington about the environmental and health benefits of cloth diapering. We find cloth diapering to be a wonderful gift that we can’t wait to share with you and your family.
Green Baby was conceived as a result of extensive research as our families have been trying to have children. With our first baby born in January 2010, we have read countless childcare and pregnancy materials to ensure we will be well-educated when our little miracles arrive.
While reading and talking to friends, we kept hearing about the debate between disposable and cloth diapers. What we found was disturbing, yet hopeful because we’re starting to see more and more mothers choosing cloth. As a result, we have “given birth” to a service we know will help your baby and your planet for generations to come.
With creating our business, we have been extremely environmentally conscious. For one, we have selected a central location in Wilmington off Oleander Drive to reduce the amount of gas we will be using in delivery. Green Baby also has a drop off service that will save you money if you happen to pass by our store in your daily routine. With growth over time, we will continue to find ways to reduce our impact on the environment.
Hours of operation:
Monday thru Friday - 10am to 5pm
Saturday 10am-2pm

Polly, Liz and Thomas