Friday, August 19, 2011

Mini Photo Sessions with Wilmington Photographer Nichole Lupton

On Sunday, August 21, Nichole Lupton of Nichole Louise Photography will be shooting back-to-school mini sessions at Green Baby Diaper Service. It's an affordable way to get professional shots of the kids, new baby, or family.

To get Nichole ready for the shoot, I asked her a couple of questions:

1. How did you get into photography?

I always loved photography, but it was always just something I admired and
something other people did. When I was pregnant I was jealous of all of
the amazing maternity images I would see, but they were out of our budget,
and at that point, custom photography wasn't really on my radar, I thought
that was reserved for 'big cities' like New York and LA. After I had my
son Finnegan, I started taking pictures of him all.the.time. Nothing more
than mom snap shots, but I loved them all the same. It was once I started
paying chain studios for photos that I really got the itch. I was draining
my wallet and underwhelmed with the final product. So tax time that year,
after much begging, convinced my husband to buy me a DSLR. It all took off
from there! I spent more hours than I care to admit learning what I was
doing. Reading. Studying. Once I decided (about a year in) to make this a
business, I told myself I was going to do it right. I learned the
technical aspects of it all, from working my camera, all the way to paying
taxes. It took quite a few more months on the business side to get set up,
and I will always be learning the technical side, but it has truly become
my passion, and something I absolutely love to do.

2. Did you always photograph people? What about kids... or was that something that came with motherhood?

Definitely something that came with kids. The older my kids get, the more
creative I've gotten, and the more inspiration they've been able to
provide me. I've also spent the better part of the last 3 years learning
and honing in on what I like, don't like, and enjoy. It's a rare day in my
house when I don't take a picture, and I love that my kids lives will be
thoroughly (if not excessively) documented!

3. How do you keep your business running and keep yourself sane with 2 kids? (In other words, how do you do it all?)

Magic? LOL! Honestly, its something I'm still mastering. I do the majority
of my work between 9pm and 1am - and thankfully, I'm a night owl. Once
this became a business for me, it definitely eased the financial strain on
our growing family. To a point where if the business were to ever close, I
would need to find a job away from home. Being able to stay home with my
kids and not have to manage daycare is one of the biggest perks of the
job. Especially with my boys still being so young and not in school, I
will do whatever it takes to be able to stay home. I shoot when my husband
has time off of work (he is a restaurant manager, so odd hours that work
in my favor), and on occasion, my wonderful In-Laws who live here in town
will help out. I try and make phone calls during 'nap time', or in the
case of my 3 year old, quiet time. If I need to go somewhere I try and do
it on one of my husbands days off as well since he usually gets two week
days off, but no weekends. Other than that, all e-mails, editing, and
business management happens late night after my kids and husband are in
bed. As I type this, it is 10:54 on Sunday night. I do my best to get some
mommy time in there as well, to help keep myself sane. I try and give
myself at least one night off a week. Sometimes a night off is just some
me-time around the house, other times, its a night out for a movie with
girlfriends. I also am very cautious in the amount of work I take on. I do
my best not to over book myself. It is a balancing act, and some weeks are
definitely better than others, but the alternative of a away from home job
and daycare is enough motivation to keep me going!

4. What is your favorite part about photographing families?

My favorite part about photographing families is how different they all
are. I love watching them interact, and seeing those little bits of
parenthood that differ from parent to parent. I love seeing close knit
groups that so obviously love each other. I also love interacting with
children. I used to want to be a teacher, and although a formal school
setting is not for me, I still adore kids. I love their innocence, and
playfulness. And don't even get me started about birth and newborn
photography! Being privileged enough to capture the moment a baby is
welcomed into the world, and then a few days later get to snuggle them
into the sweetest little positions?! It's almost enough to keep baby fever
at bay. Almost :)

Stop in for a 15-minute mini session or email or call Nichole {at} nicholelouisephotography {dot} com or  910-367-5151.

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