Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Green Halloween Crafts Revisited

Remember when I told you about some cute Halloween crafts you could make using items you could find around the house?

I have perfected the madness.

For the Book Page Pumpkin, I ended up using this tutorial from Creations By Kara.<!--more-->

If you attempt this project, please note that you don't have to take apart the book at all. Leave the binding on. That was my first mistake the first time I tried it. The second time I tried it, it worked like a charm. This is how I created my Book Page Pumpkin.

First, I bought a book from the dollar store.
Then, I tore off just the cover. I cut the cover to use as a template.
Using a sharp exacto knife, I cut around the template. It would cut through maybe 5 pages at a time.
I tore off the pieces on the edges as I went, and I ended up with a tiny little round-paged book.
I did an impromptu painting session using Baby T's watercolors. I just held the book closed and painted the edges, using a lot of water so it would bleed into the page a little bit.
Then, I opened the book, face-down on the table, put some hot glue in the binding, and glued in a piece of a stick that Baby T had picked up outside at some point. (He later pointed at the pumpkin and demanded his stick back.)
I took the first and the last pages--the ones you see here--and glued them together. I used hot glue because it gives instant results.
When I stood the pumpkin up, there were some pages that fluffed out beautifully, but there were large gaps between other pages.
I just stuck some hot glue very close to the binding and arranged the pages a little closer together in those spots.
Then, I got all crazy and wrapped some yarn around the stick, hot glued pieces of yarn and wool cut in leaf shapes to the bottom, and voila.
Check it out next time you're in the shop!


  1. Wow, this is stunning! Although I would have a problem 'cutting up a book' I absolutely love this and am tempted to have a go. I'm going to the charity shops today so I'll see what I can do. I think my inner child will LOVE to cut up a book LOL! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amazing craft! That's indeed fresh and unique. I'd love to try that one. I'm not good at carving pumpkins but surely I'll have one if I try that idea... Thanks for sharing dear...


  3. hallo i made a post with this tuttorial and your link in my blog
    thanx by giorgia