Monday, March 12, 2012

Sell Used Cloth Diapers and Find Even More Brands!

If you love cloth diapers a little too much, you might have created a stash that you really don't use. Maybe you tried a whole bunch of different brands and styles at first but stuck to one or two types of diapers in the end. Perhaps you prepared for your newborn with a slew of diapers and your baby grew out of them quickly.

Now you can sell your pre-loved cloth diapers at Green Baby, and it's as easy as bringing in a bag full of diapers.

What does this mean if you want to sell your diapers?
Leave your diapers with Liz, and she'll take a look at them. She will call you within five days, at which time you can come back in to sign the consignment agreement, or you can sign it ahead of time and the diapers will go out for sale.

How much will you get for your gently used diapers?
Green Baby Diaper Service matches the price of Cotton Babies' used diaper buyback. You can even get 10 percent more if you take the payment in store credit as opposed to cash. But Green Baby will take more than just Cotton Babies brand diapers. Whatever you have, bring it in. The diapers are flying off the shelf.

When will you get paid?
You will be paid after the end of every yearly quarter. Remember, if you choose store credit instead of cash, you'll get 10% more money for your used cloth diapers. You can use your store credit for anything in the store or for the service itself.

What does the cloth diaper consignment mean if you want to buy diapers?
Green Baby Diaper Service now has a rotating selection of tons of different cloth diaper brands like Kissaluvs, Fuzzibunz, Little Beetle covers, gDiaper covers, and lots of fitted diapers. Green Baby's cloth diaper consignment gives you a chance to experiment with diapers that you might not have otherwise tried, and you don't have to break the bank. Now you can support a local business but still get the selection that you can find all over the internet.

Bring in your pre-loved cloth diapers, or check back often to see what's on the consignment table. By its very nature, the stock rotates, so you will always find something new. The selection is not limited to diapers alone. You can find wet bags and inserts too. Below is a glimpse of the diaper consignment table. It's pretty sweet:

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