Saturday, November 19, 2011

Want a Cloth Diaper Cake? Try a Floral Arrangement Instead

Just in time for the holidays and all the babies due this winter, Green Baby rolled out a brand new idea: the cloth diaper floral arrangement. You know how diaper cakes are so popular with disposable diapers but are a little more difficult (and expensive) to put together using cloth diapers?

Green Baby has teamed up with Lou's Flower World to create a cloth diaper floral arrangement that uses the same idea as a diaper cake, but it's a little greener. A cloth diaper arrangement makes a perfect:
  • Baby shower decoration
  • Shower gift
  • Holiday present
What you do is buy a bunch of baby accessories and cloth diaper covers or prefolds. Bring them over to Lou's Flower World at 5128 Oleander drive, where you can pick out a potted plant or have them create a floral arrangement for you. The florists will put together an arrangement using the items you bought at Green Baby, making a perfect bouquet that's perfect for a mom-to-be or a new mom.

Some items that you could put in your cloth diaper bouquet are:
  • Nursing pads
  • Diaper covers in a variety of colors
  • A bib
  • A burpcloth
  • Teething necklace
  • A few colorful onesies
Green Baby has a diaper bouquet on display just inside the door. Check it out next time you visit the shop! Our bouquet also features Fertile Myrtle, a cast resin statue created by local artist Justine Ferreri. We haven't had a chance to get in touch with the artist to find out the exact symbolism behind these statues, but we're pretty sure they won't make the mom-to-be any more fertile--but they may bring new life to her garden.
Fertile Myrtle statues at Lou's

Lou's Flower World carries the Fertile Myrtle statues, and they also have a large gift shop with other green goodies to add to your cloth diaper bouquet. We are always interested in supporting local green businesses, and Lou's caught our attention with their organically-grown flowers, shrubs, and vegetables. You can go to Lou's to stock your garden, enjoy a floral arrangement created by their full-service florist, or to buy goodies made by several local artists.

What's even cooler is that the business is run by a woman. That's right -- this is Lou:
She is almost always at the store, and is so friendly and accommodating. So whether you're doing some Christmas shopping or looking for a gift for a baby shower, shop local. Stop by Green Baby's and Lou's and put together a truly unique gift.
Always taking the time to smell the flowers.

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