Tuesday, December 6, 2011

5 Reasons to Shop Local This Holiday Season

You always hear how it’s better to shop local. There are movements where people only shop for items that were produced within a certain number of miles from where they live. Why is it better to buy local? You always hear, “Well, it’s good for the community.” That’s a kind of vague phrase that leads you to believe you’re doing something good, but it leaves you unsure of what good you’re exactly doing.

So why should you buy local? When it comes to food, you’re getting fresher, more nutrient-rich grub that hasn’t wasted a bunch of gas travelling from another continent to get to your table. When it comes to other retail items, here are some great reasons to buy from local Wilmington retailers:

  1. When you shop locally, 1% of the state sales tax you pay funds local facilities, services, and education. This means that you’re helping to fund the resources you and your family use.
  2. When you shop locally, nonprofits get more support. Local businesses donate more to local charities than non-local businesses do.
  3. Local businesses have more of what you want. Yes, you can go to Wal-Mart and choose from a million things you don’t really need, but how many times have you come across a cool wooden toy or a unique, handmade gift there? Local stores stock what locals are looking for. Also, local small business owners are not usually bound by corporate beaurocratic nonsense, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask; most likely the local business owner can get it for you. Also, if your community is made up of a marketplace filled with small businesses, there will be more healthy competition, resulting in innovative products and lower prices.
  4. Local businesses also support other local businesses, which--among other things--means they are more environmentally friendly. Less transportation is required to procure goods, and the local economy is preserved.
  5. You get better customer service. Nothing makes me more irate than pouring my heart out to a large retailer and getting a canned template back as a response. Dealing with local retailers means you get personalized service. At Green Baby Diaper Service, customers are also friends. Making their customers happy means the world to Liz and Polly. If you have any questions, problems, or complaints, you’ll be more than taken care of.
So when you’re doing your holiday shopping this year, consider looking local before shopping online. Don’t get me wrong—Amazon and I are practically BFFs—but there is a lot to be found in Wilmington that I can’t get online. And I would rather give my money to a friend than to a stranger.

Check out some of the local businesses that we like on Green Baby’s facebook page and support them this holiday season and every day.

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