Friday, December 9, 2011

The Best Holiday Deals Are Not Only Online

On Tuesday, I posted about the importance of shopping locally. But the economy isn't great, and many people are stretching their pennies thin this holiday season. You may be asking yourself, "Isn't shopping locally more expensive?" Or you may be certain that you can find a better deal online. Sometimes you can, and then you have to decide whether paying for shipping and supporting a big box store or an out-of-town retailer is more valuable than shopping locally and supporting the community.

But when it comes to cloth diapers, more often than not, the deals you can find locally are the same as the ones you can find online. Below are some prices of some of the most popular items at Green Baby Diaper Service and online.

BumGenius Artist Series

Green Baby's Price: $19.95

Just Kid's Store: $16.99 + $3.38 shipping = $20.37 $19 + $4.99 shipping =  $23.99
eBay $28.84 (seriously?) + free shipping = $28.84

Thirsties Duo Diaper Cover
Green Baby's Price: $13.25

eBay: $19.95 + free shipping = $19.95
TGN: $13.75 + free shipping = $13.75
Jillian's Drawers: $12.75 + $5.95 shipping = $18.70

Belle Baby Carrier

Green Baby's Price: $84.95

Belle Baby Carrier Store: $99.95 + $9.25 shipping = $109.20
Babies R Us: $99.99 + $6.38 shipping = $106.37

GroVia Shell

Green Baby's Price: $16.95

Betty's Baby Stuff: $16.22 + $6.97 shipping = $23.19
Cloth Diaper Outlet: $16.95 + $2.98 shipping = $19.93

Flip Diaper Cover
Green Baby's Price: $13.95

The Green Nursery: $13.95 + free shipping = $13.95
Cotton Babies: $13.95 + free shipping = $13.95
Cloth Diaper Outlet: $13.95 + $2.14 = $16.09

 Really. I actually tried to search for the lowest prices online. When it comes to cloth diapers, the retail prices are pretty regulated, so you're generally going to find approximately the same price everywhere. So why buy from someone you don't know when you can buy from someone you do know? Someone who can also answer your questions and help you when you need advice. You can even bring your child into the store and try the diapers on.

Also, if you see a lower price online and Liz hasn't matched it yet, it's most likely because she wasn't aware. Let her know. She's always open to helping her customers out.

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