Saturday, December 17, 2011

Quick Gift Tags from Kids' Artwork (12 Days of Green Christmas Crafts)

Yesterday, as I was getting ready for the Christmas party at Baby T's daycare, I realized I needed a gift card idea. Fast. (I'm a procrastinator). Baby T had just woken up from his nap and he was in the car waiting for me. That's how fast I was able to do this. I decided to make some personalized gift tags from some of Baby T's artwork.

All you need is your child's artwork, masking tape, and a hole punch.

Here's the piece of artwork I used:

I drew a gift tag shape on the artwork and cut it out. (I just freehanded it. Nothing fancy here).

Then I used that tag as a template to draw and cut out the rest of the gift tags.

I cut masking tape into small rectangles and wrapped it around just the top of the gift tag (where the hole will be punched.) If it extends over the edges of the gift tag shape, just trim it. Then, punch holes where the masking tape is. I have a cute heart hole puncher that I use for everything. I think it gives my crafts added flair. I'm a goof like that.

Then you can tie string, yarn, twine, hemp, or whatever else you have onto the tags and tie it around or tape it onto your gifts. It's a quick, eco-friendly way to reuse your kids' artwork and personalize your Christmas gifts.

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